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Indian Arrow Industries Inc. provides abatement services for a wide range of commercial, public utilities, general contractors, state and Federal agencies and commercial businesses across the East Coast of the United States.The projects we perform range in scope from routine maintenance work, utilizing vacuum trucks and high-pressure washing equipment, to large-scale site remediation and abatement.State-of-the-art personal protective equipment and systems are used to ensure each abatement project is performed safely and efficiently.

At Indian Arrow Industries Inc. all of the services are provided under one contract and under the direction of a single Project Manager. One of the unique features of Indian Arrow Industries Inc. is our ability to perform selective demolition of structures that may be impacted by asbestos or other regulated waste material.
We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our ability to perform challenging abatement projects involving selective demolition, environmental remediation, and hazardous waste transportation and disposal.
Regardless of the scope of the abatement issue, Indian Arrow Industries Inc. can provide you with a team of professionals trained to handle the hazardous substance in an efficient and affordable manner.